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Course Overview:

-Why people should register for our classes  -What to expect in an Areteem class
-Course Tuition and Access Policy  -Course Trial Period and Refund Policy
-Course Charts    -Course Placement Flowcharts 


 Why people should register for our classes 

  • World renowned instructors: Professional mathematician, scientists, and professors
  • Curriculum developed by renowned educators, math competition problem writers, coaches, and judges
  • Trained numerous top performers in math and science competitions Virtual classroom platform is highly interactive, with video, audio, online chatting, and online whiteboard capability
  • All faculty and staff have strong passion to develop talents and skills for our students
  • Accredited by WASC (Western Association for Schools and Colleges)


Course Tuition and Access Policy 

  • Live Courses
    -All Live Courses can be purchased on the site where weekly live sessions, class video recordings, homework assignments, solutions and Online Course Discussion Forum can be accessed.


    -Students who enroll in ONE Live Course/Term will have access to the course materials during the 10 Week Live Sessions and up to ONE TERM (THREE MONTHS) after the last live class session is over. 

    -Students who enroll in THREE or MORE Courses/Terms will automatically receive a 10% discount for all courses for Same-Day Transactions. For each Live Course/Term, students will have access to the course materials during the 10 Week Live Sessions and up to ONE TERM (THREE MONTHS) after the last live class session is over.


  • Self-Paced Courses

     -All Self-Paced Courses can be purchased on our partner site of where class video recordings, homework assignments and solutions can be immediately accessed upon purchase.


    -Students have access to ONE Self-Paced Course up to FOUR months after they have received their course instructions email.

    -Students who enroll in a Year Packet of Four Courses in a Single Transaction will automatically receive a 10% discount on that Transaction. Students will also have access to these classes for up to ONE YEAR after they have received their course instructions email.

    -For ASLA Club students: Homework Grading and Faculty Feedback may also be included with the self-paced courses.

What to expect  

Our classes offer a wide variety of learning avenues and opportunities for students to interact with each other and with our instructors.








Course Refund Policy

  • Trial Period: Students who enroll in a Live or Self-Paced Course will be given the first two classes/weeks to try out the class.


  • Tuition is to be paid in full to complete your enrollment prior to beginning your class. 


  • If students wish to change a class based on difficulty level, families must contact the main office to speak with a Student Services Specialist about transferring a student into another course or discuss options for giving credit, applying to other classes or programs, etc. 


  • If students wish to drop from a class, families must contact the main office within THREE DAYS of the student taking the first or second class session in which they will receive a full refund. Class refunds requested after the third class session will receive a refund minus a 10% admin fee.


  • No refunds can be requested after the third class session. However, students can save this tuition amount as credit on their family Registration accounts to enroll in any of Areteem's future courses and programs. 


  • There are no refunds or credit given for missed classes as missed classes can be made up by watching the class video recordings. 


 Course Charts 

Introductory Math Course

Problem Solving & Competition Math Course

Algebra Readiness/Prealgebra

Math Challenge IA— Intro. to Problem Solving

Introduction to Algebra

Math Challenge IB— AMC 8 / MathCounts Chapter

Introduction to Geometry

Math Challenge IIA—AMC 10

Introduction to Number Theory

Math Challenge IIB—AMC 12

Introduction to Counting &          Probability  

Math Challenge III—AIME


 Math Challenge IV—USAMO/JMO



Physics Fundamentals: Intro to Physics

Chemistry Fundamental: Intro. to Chemistry


Computer Science Fundamental

Biology Fundamental:

Intro. to Biology

Physics Olympiad

Chemistry Olympiad

Programming Concept

Biology Olympiad

AP Physics

 AP Chemistry

AP Computer Science

AP Biology



Workshop for Project Based Research & Science Fair


Here're two flow charts that might help you to decide which class to take:

For 8th graders and younger For 9th graders and older





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Areteem Main Office:  15707 Rockfield Blvd, #110, Irvine, CA 92618, Tel: 949-305-1705, Fax: 714-784-7838, WeChat: rosemother

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