Areteem's ASLA (Academic Support and Local Alliance) Clubs- 

Areteem is committed to building an active learning community where parents become more involved in their students' academic pursuits thereby helping students to become more motivated and engaged in their studies. To accomplish this feat, using the core courses provided by the Areteem faculty taught online, Areteem encourages parents and community enthusiasts to organize local clubs and/or study groups to bring like-minded families together.  Parents are thus encouraged to create and join an Areteem ASLA (Academic Support and Local Alliance) club in their hometown. 


WATCH: ASLA Local Club Guidelines from Back to School Webinar


What are the benefits of creating an ASLA club with Areteem?

  • Students who join an ASLA club will take advantage of Areteem's systematic and structured curriculum developed by our esteemed faculty members through our years of instruction and curriculum development
  • Areteem's curriculum is accredited through the WASC association so students will be learning from some of the best instructors in their field
  • Students who enroll in an ASLA "Self-Paced Course Year Packet" will receive all Areteem course materials (including class video recordings, homework assignments, solution sets and discounted rate on curriculum books) and receive a group referral rate of 10% off the whole course year packet
  • Students will be able to meet with their friends and peers in focused study groups where they will want to excel together apart from their usual school studies
  • Areteem offers an Online Forum for ASLA club members to communicate their thoughts, questions and share their problem solving techniques with Areteem faculty and other students 
  • Homework assignments will be graded by Areteem faculty members consisting of professionals in STEM careers
  • With the growth of a club, students will be able to compete in regional tournaments and other events
  • Areteem can offer to host a camp program in the students' hometown as well as have students come to the annual national convention for all ASLA clubs! 
  • By joining a club students will be part of the growing Areteem community, who include among its alumni students who have been accepted and attended some of the top universities in the country including Stanford, MIT and Princeton to name a few and have gone on to lead successful professional lives in their careers of choice in STEM related fields! 



  • 1. Each club can consist of five or more students working together on one or more classes based on their joint academic levels (as defined and assessed by the parent coordinators and Areteem staff and faculty)
  • 2. Once all students have registered for the recommended courses, Areteem will work with parent coordinators to create a club individually tailored to the group of students involved and provide preliminary and ongoing parent training via phone sessions, webinars and group chats
  • 3. Parent coordinators will decide on specific times,  dates and locations for the regular regional meetup events to determine when classes and/or student discussion groups will take place 
  • 4. Areteem will provide a sample plan and schedule when the club is formed that will help the parent coordinators and students stay focused on their academic progress
  • 5. Periodic milestones in the forms of assignments or quizzes will be given by Areteem to ensure that students are reaching their academic goals in the club
    • For example: ASLA Club students who want to complete in the AMC 10/12 math competitions will be given specific guidelines to follow along with Areteem courses (MC II-A and II-B) from Fall to Winter to ensure that all class materials are covered by the time they participate in the AMC 10/12 competitions the following February
  • 6. Special sessions will be conducted with our renowned faculty members to cover specific topics related to your group as well as offer Q&A webinar discussions to share ideas, give feedback and advice
  • 7. Students will be guided along with the parent coordinator and Areteem staff up to the point of their goal (i.e. Algebra Readiness math placement test for Algebra Readiness courses, AMC 8 for Math Challenge I-B courses, AMC 10 for Math Challenge II-A courses, AIME for Math Challenge III courses, etc.) 


 Contact us with your questions about creating and joining an Areteem ASLA Club!  We are available to speak with you in our office headquarters in California, Mon-Fri, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Pacific Time (PST). 


Phone: (949) 305-1705

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Areteem Main Office:  15707 Rockfield Blvd, #110, Irvine, CA 92618, Tel: 949-305-1705, WeChat: rosemother

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